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3D Core PET 100 Kg/m3

3D-Core is a 100 Kg/m3 PET foam that is made up of inter-connected hexagonal sections.

The structure provides excellent drapeability, as well as channels for really fast resin flow in the infusion process.
Upon curing, the hexagonal resin lattice provides very high compression and shear strength.

The hexagonal structure can create a slight print-through, although on a lower shrink resin such as epoxy or with a thicker skin this will be less apparent.

Each sheet is approx 960mm x 370mm, giving 0.35 m2.

3mm sheet size 1.025 x 0.405 = 0.41m2 per sheet

Click here for more information www.3d-core.com
3D Core sheet - 0.35 m2 per sheet
£4.27 + VAT